Mesmerizing performances, massive crowds, and a moving ending: Mariam Angels concert in the Basilica of the Annunciation concludes the Mariam Angels Christmas tour.

Over 1000 people attended the Mariam Angels concert in the Basilica of the Annunciation in Nazareth as Mariam Foundation concludes its Christmas tour for this year, starting from Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Shafaamr and Nazareth.

The event was presented by Ruba Warwar, who welcomed the great audience and thanked this great attendance and through the live broadcast. Afterwards each of, Archibishop Yousef Matta, Vicar Rafik Nahra, and Father George – The Latin Parish presented their welcoming words and blessings for this attendance and for this great event.

CEO and Founder, Mohammad Hamed, welcomed and thanked everybody for their attendance, while reminding the audience with the cause and reason of this concert: The spirit of Christmas, love, hope and giving, for its meaning goes beyond musical performances, it designated to remind people how important it is to support children cancer patients, especially in this time of year, Christmas.

We were honored to host the US Ambassador Mr. Thomas Nides, who thanked the foundation for its amazing work in battling cancer and helping children cancer patients, especially those who come from Gaza and the West Bank. And for the main event, we were honored to have the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra conducted by the Maestro Nizar Al Khater, and the great singers Maria Jubran, Nour Darwish, Cann. Fouad Dagher and Mervat Ashqar, who all presented us with great Christmas musical performances and amazing pieces of music, letting everybody feel the real spirit of Christmas.

We would like to thank the Basilica of the Annunciation, our second home, for hosting us for this great event, and would like to thank everybody who attended and was a part of this year’s Christmas Concerts tour.

Washington Report on Mariam Foundation: Revolutionizing Cancer Care in Palestine with Compassion

Lately, the Washington Report – Middle East Affairs has published an in depth article about Mariam Foundatoin and its work in Palestine, inteviewing Mohammad Hamed, CEO and founder of Mariam Foundation.

The article foucsed on the journey of Mariam Foundation since the death of Mariam, Hamed’s sister, untill this day. Also, it delved deep into the foundation’s projects and the ways in which the foundation supports Palestinian Cancer patients

We want to thank the Washington Report on this remarkable and professional article.

To read the full article, click here.

Save the life of Ilan from Tulkarem, Palestine!

Ilan, a 2 year old child facing cancer, is being treated in Ichilov Hospital and is in urgent need for life saving biological treatment

The family did not receive a treatment transfer from the Palestinian Authority, and so the family is facing a bill of


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Like each year, Mariam Foundation opened its Pink October project from Nazareth, in a way that suits the city of annunciation, attended by Nazareth hospitals’ management and healthcare services. Ruba Warar, media personality and Mariam Foundation’s management memeber opened the conference with welcoming words while shocasing this year’s map of cities hosting Pink October.

Afterwards, Mohammad Hamed, CEO and founder welcomed the attendees and everyone wathcing the live coverage of the conference on social media, as he talked about the change that Pink October achieved along the years and stressing the importance of working together towards this goal and for raising awareness for breast cancer.

Follwing Hamed’s speech were the words of the Hospitals’ managers and healthcare services who praised the work of the foundation and committed to working together to deliver the message of Pink October.

At the end, everyone gathered for the countdown for the illumination of the Salesian in Pink Color.

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Joined by Friends of Mariam in the Uniteds States and Alif Institue, Mariam Foundation launched a special conference for the wide audience in Atlanta. The foucs of this conference was to educate the public about Mariam Foundation’s work and journey in fighting cancer.

We would like to thank NAAMA’s director Dr. Imad CEO and Founder Mohammad Hamed presented a short lecture about Mariam Foundation’s work and projects. The audience was interested about Mariam’s journey and inquired about the foundation’s work. The presentation received great words of support and praise!

Thanks to Alif Institute for hosting us and making this event possible and for the amazing audience who came and showed his love and support for our cause.

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As a part of Mariam Foundation’s tour in the United States, NAAMA Hosted Mariam Foundation and its CEO Mohammad Hamed. CEO and founder Mohammad Hamed showcased Mariam Foundation’s work to a wide audience of medical doctors. Coming to listen to Mariam Foundation’s story and its work in battling cancer, they highly praised Mariam’s work and journey , citing a its huge impact on cancer patients lives.

We would like to thank NAAMA’s director Dr. Imad Sabbagh who made this evening possible, shedding a light on Mariam Foundation’s work in front of many medical professionals. Thanks to Friends of Mariam and its board members for their support and professional work in making this evening a success. This evening was just the start of many events and conferences for Mariam Foundation across the United States.

Stay Tuned for the rest of Mohammad Hamed’s tour in the United States,bringing to the front line Mariam Foundation’s journey.

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Mariam Foundation’s CEO in the Kiwanis Club, Atlanta Georgia

After many important meetings and lots of preparations, CEO Mohammad Hamed met with the Kiwanis Club in Atlanta Gerogia.

Hamed talked about the story of Mariam Foundatoin and his sister Mariam, and how he turned pain into hope and change.

Special thanks to Kiwani’s Club president Mr. Wally Yazbak and the all the members participated in this conference. We are delighted and excited to spread the word to as many people as possible and have great friends and supporters like you.

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Friends of Mariam Inc. recieved the 501(c)(3) status from the IRS

After months of hard work, numerous followups and checks, we are happy to announce that Friends of Mariam Inc. is now a 501(c)(3) nonprofit! You can donate to Friends of Mariam and their donations are tax exempt and can be deducted.

This is a testament to our hard honest work towards supporting our humane cause, fighting cancer and saving lives!

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CEO & Founder of Mariam Foundation Mohammad Hamed in a special conferences tour in the United States: ” The story of pain that transformed the face of fighting cancer in Palestine”

Mohammad Hamed is conducting a special conferences tour in the United States for Mariam Foundation, where he will present the foundation’s work on many medical, cultural and governmental institutions, the foundation that represents Palestinian cancer patients anywhere.
Hamed will shed a light on fighting cancer in Palestine while showcasing the hardships cancer patients and their families go through. Also, he will focus on the foundation’s daily work in supporting cancer treatments and assistance for cancer patients in Gaza and the West Bank and the difficulty of getting to cancer treatments for patients from these areas. Mariam Foundation supports cancer patients in Gaza and the West Bank each year with hundreds of thousands of Shekles and secures for them daily support and companionship.
Mariam Foundation has took the role of representing this important cause, and therefore, its taking the role of educating the world on what Palestinian cancer patients go through in front of the most important medical and cultural institutions in the United States

Friends of Mariam is being established

While many of you have heard of Mariam Foundation in the Holyland, we present you ourselves: Friends of Mariam. We are a non profit that was created for the sole purpose of promoting and supporting Mariam foundation’s work in the Holyland, supporting and helping Palestinian cancer patients cope with cancer and overcome it.

We aim to create widespread awareness for the foundation’s work in the USA among Arab American and other US citizens as well, for Mariam Foundation’s work crosses all borders and ethnicities, and aims at saving human lives.

By supporting us, you are directly helping a cancer patient. You are offering him love and compassion, you are supporting his struggle against cancer and ultimately you are helping him overcome cancer.