Mariam Foundation honors Suhaila Tarazi in the International Women’s Day

In the International Women’s Day, Mariam Foundation honors pioneering woman each year in our field and in Mariam Foundation.

This year, Mariam Foundation honors Mariam’s ambassador Suhaila Tarazi, head of Al Ahli Hospital in Gaza.

Suhaila Tarazi is an icon of the battle against cancer, as she works tirelessly as the head of Al Ahli Hospital in Gaza treating and supporting cancer patients despite the blockade and wars that Gaza go through, as she challenges reality to deliver the message of fighting cancer.

We are honored to have Suhaila Tarazi as our ambassador, as she works on Mariam Foundation’s projects in Gaza, and wish her a year full of giving, as she is a role model in humanitarian service, helping the other and supporting cancer patients and everyone in need.

Happy International Women’s Day to you and to all women