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Mesmerizing performances, massive crowds, and a moving ending: Mariam Angels concert in the Basilica of the Annunciation concludes the Mariam Angels Christmas tour.

Over 1000 people attended the Mariam Angels concert in the Basilica of the Annunciation in Nazareth as Mariam Foundation concludes its Christmas tour for this year, starting from Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Shafaamr and Nazareth. The event was presented by Ruba Warwar, who welcomed the great audience and thanked this great attendance and through the live broadcast. […]

Washington Report on Mariam Foundation: Revolutionizing Cancer Care in Palestine with Compassion

Lately, the Washington Report – Middle East Affairs has published an in depth article about Mariam Foundatoin and its work in Palestine, inteviewing Mohammad Hamed, CEO and founder of Mariam Foundation. The article foucsed on the journey of Mariam Foundation since the death of Mariam, Hamed’s sister, untill this day. Also, it delved deep into […]

Save the life of Ilan from Tulkarem, Palestine!

Ilan, a 2 year old child facing cancer, is being treated in Ichilov Hospital and is in urgent need for life saving biological treatment The family did not receive a treatment transfer from the Palestinian Authority, and so the family is facing a bill of 98,700$ Ilan deserves to live, help us save the life […]


Like each year, Mariam Foundation opened its Pink October project from Nazareth, in a way that suits the city of annunciation, attended by Nazareth hospitals’ management and healthcare services. Ruba Warar, media personality and Mariam Foundation’s management memeber opened the conference with welcoming words while shocasing this year’s map of cities hosting Pink October. Afterwards, […]

CEO & Founder of Mariam Foundation Mohammad Hamed in a special conferences tour in the United States: ” The story of pain that transformed the face of fighting cancer in Palestine”

Mohammad Hamed is conducting a special conferences tour in the United States for Mariam Foundation, where he will present the foundation’s work on many medical, cultural and governmental institutions, the foundation that represents Palestinian cancer patients anywhere.Hamed will shed a light on fighting cancer in Palestine while showcasing the hardships cancer patients and their families […]

Friends of Mariam is being established

While many of you have heard of Mariam Foundation in the Holyland, we present you ourselves: Friends of Mariam. We are a non profit that was created for the sole purpose of promoting and supporting Mariam foundation’s work in the Holyland, supporting and helping Palestinian cancer patients cope with cancer and overcome it. We aim […]