Official press release of Mariam Foundation in Gaza

After years of work and support to Gaza, Mariam Foundation has held a conference in Gaza in partnership with Al Ahli Hospital in Gaza and Augusta Victoria Hospital in Jerusalem to set the grounds for a dedicated for fighting cancer in Gaza by Mariam Foundation and Al Ahli Hospital, signaling the start of the physical start of Mariam Foundation in Gaza.

The conference was attended by tens of medical institutions in Gaza, as well as by representatives from universities and non-governmental institutions under the umbrella of Al Ahli Hospital and in partnership with the Augusta Victoria Hospital, where all institutions had the chance to connect and get to know each other and Mariam Foundation as they were presented the newly to be implemented system of fighting caner in Gaza by Mariam Foundation, which will leads its operations in Gaza from its office in Al Ahli Hospital.

The goal is to get Mariam Foundation’s projects into Gaza apart from the support Mariam Foundation offers Gaza on a yearly basis. The goal is to introduce awareness projects such Mariam Doctors, Mariam Day, medical conferences, the daily companionship project Mariam Joy and other projects that aim to raise awareness about cancer in the community and to support cancer patients.

This initiative in Gaza would not have been possible without the support of Al Ahli Hospital and its CEO Suhaila Tarazi, who has given Mariam Foundation a dedicated office in Al Ahli Hospital to be able to support the Gazan cancer patients best way possible.
We would like to thank Al Ahli Hospital for this support, and for all the organizations who attended this historical conference, that draws that the official start of Mariam Foundation’s operations in Gaza, the foundation that represents all Palestinian cancer patients and works around the clock to reach every cancer patient wherever he is and spread awareness about cancer in all sectors of the Palestinian society.