CEO & Founder of Mariam Foundation Mohammad Hamed in a special conferences tour in the United States: ” The story of pain that transformed the face of fighting cancer in Palestine”

Mohammad Hamed is conducting a special conferences tour in the United States for Mariam Foundation, where he will present the foundation’s work on many medical, cultural and governmental institutions, the foundation that represents Palestinian cancer patients anywhere.
Hamed will shed a light on fighting cancer in Palestine while showcasing the hardships cancer patients and their families go through. Also, he will focus on the foundation’s daily work in supporting cancer treatments and assistance for cancer patients in Gaza and the West Bank and the difficulty of getting to cancer treatments for patients from these areas. Mariam Foundation supports cancer patients in Gaza and the West Bank each year with hundreds of thousands of Shekles and secures for them daily support and companionship.
Mariam Foundation has took the role of representing this important cause, and therefore, its taking the role of educating the world on what Palestinian cancer patients go through in front of the most important medical and cultural institutions in the United States